Diagnose why your icon may have been denied


There are many reasons icons are denied from being added to Noun Project. Most of the time you can make some adjustments to the icon or how you have uploaded it and re-submit it. Before you re-submit, please go over this helpful list in detail.
Icons are most commonly denied for the reasons below:
  1. Disconnected lines
    • All lines and curves in the design should be smooth and connect completely with their respective edges or corners. Lines should not bleed out of or into the design. Negative space should be considered the same way.
  2. Line weight, spacing, perspective
    • Inconsistent line weight or spacing creates confusing perspective or dimensions. Please adjust the line weights to imply the correct perspectives/dimensions. If using Illustrator, please export file as SVG and set decimal point to 7.
  3. Center and symmetry
    • Please make sure the icon is centered on the artboard, and all elements in the icon design are centered. If there are objects contained in a shape or border, all details should be centered horizontally and vertically centered in the space using the horizontal and vertical centering tools. If the object is asymmetrical, please adjust according to best visual weight.
  4. Words, letters, or numbers
    • We aim to be an image based system of communication, thus we do not accept symbols with words, letters, or numbers. If the words were attribution, please note that attribution is automatically embedded in all free downloads.
  5. Faint lines
    • Faint lines appear in the design that should be merged using the union tool, or there are lines that are too thin or tapering.
  6. All black, blank, off-centered, or cut off by artboard
    • The icon is all black, all blank, or too large/small on the artboard. We highly recommend leaving a 5px border around all edges of the icon to avoid it getting cut off by the edges of the artboard. Also, please make sure all icons are centered on the artboard using alignment tools. You can review our technical guidelines in more detail at: https://thenounproject.com/handbook/create/#technical_guidelines
  7. Titles or tags
    • Please make sure titles and tags are spelled correctly, in English, and do not contain symbols or numbers. Tags should not be input with #. Also, when inputting tags, make sure they are separated by using a commas, enter, or tab. Please exclude style tags like “line,” “outline,” “fill,” and terms like “icon,” “symbol,” “sign,” “glyph,” and “image” as they are self-evident.
    • Please make titles specific and leave general details as tags. All titles and tags must be directly relevant to the icon.
  8. Odd proportions
    • The proportions of the icon are odd, thus making the icon appear stretched or squished. If the icon contains unconventional details, the icon becomes defamiliarized and unrecognizable, or implies unintentional meanings. Icons should not be rotated in ways that are disorienting or change the meaning.
  9. Silhouette design or live trace
    • Silhouette designs or live trace are not accepted as they often have excess vector points around rough edges while leaving out crucial details, dimension, and perspective. We also consider live traces of photographs or images to be plagiarism.
  10. Rotation or redundant content.
    • Multiple or arbitrary rotations and rotations will not be accepted. Icons should follow strict vertical or horizontal orientations, or if rotated to a slant, should be rotated at 45 degrees. Multiple rotations, mirroring, or arbitrary arrangements are redundant and best left to the end user to determine.
  11. Stylistic inconsistency
    • This icon was denied for stylistic inconsistency. Please maintain a more cohesive aesthetic.
  12. Contained in a shape or contained to appear white
  13. Plagiarism
    • We suspect this icon has been copied, stolen, and/or marginally modified from an original. When one or more icons are found to be plagiarized, the rest of submissions are processed accordingly. If we were mistaken and you want to contest this, please let us know at submissions@thenounproject.com
  14. Copyright or trademark violation
    • Any icons that contain a logo, symbol, image, or phrase will be denied.
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