How do I add or remove Seats to my NounTeam?

To edit the number of Seats in your NounTeam, go to your Seats page after selecting your team name from the top navigation bar. Once here, you are able to select Edit number of seats. You can type the number of seats you wish to have on your team by changing the number in the field. If you are adding seats, it will show you how much you owe for the remainder of the billing cycle and how much you will owe each month for your subscription. Then select Update Seats and if you have a card on file, it will charge you and update your account. Once you have the correct number of seats on your NounTeam, you can then add Members to your account by typing their email addresses in the field that reads “Enter team member’s email address”. This will send them an invitation link to join your team.

If removing seats, decrease the Seat count and select Update Seats. Note that you will not be refunded for the Seats that have been removed.

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