How are Royalties Calculated?

Noun Project members have the option to pay for an icon instead of crediting its creator. Creators who’ve uploaded icons can tell how many downloads each icon has had by visiting their Uploads dashboard, and looking at the number next to the icon. The Noun Project shares a percentage of the profit from each icon purchase with the icon’s creator. 

Creators get paid from 3 sources: a single purchase, through a NounPro or NounTeam account, or through API use. You can view the breakdown on your Royalties tab. The royalties for each one of these is outlined here:

Single Purchase downloads pay 60% ($1.79) of the fixed rate ($2.99) to the creator.

Pre-paid credit, subscription downloads and API uses pay 40% back to the creator community.

You can learn more by visiting our Creator page or by reading more here.

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