Can I add a VAT# or other information to my invoice?

It's easy to add information to your invoices, all from within your account!

Editing Past Invoices
All your invoices are stored on your 'Invoices' page for easy access. Simply log into your account, select your avatar (near top right corner) and select 'Invoices' to see a list of your past charges.

Select the pencil icon (far right) on the appropriate invoice line to add and save additional information. Make sure to select the 'Update extra invoice info' button to save your changes. You can now view or print your newly updated invoice by selecting 'PDF'.

Future Invoices
You can make changes to your company name, VAT, payment method and billing address by signing into your account, select your avatar (near top right corner), select 'Settings', select 'Billing' and select 'Update Billing Information'. You can then add any optional information under 'Company Name' or 'VAT' and it will appear on your receipts moving forward.

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