How can I make money with my icons?

When you upload an icon under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, you’re giving members the option to download your icon 1) for free, as long as they give you credit you as the creator, or 2) by paying a small fee to use the icon without giving credit.

Members pay for your icon using Pro subscriptions or through calls to the API.  As part of Noun Project’s talented creator community, you’ll receive a profit each time someone buys a license to use your Creative Commons (CC BY) icons without credit. For any icon licenses purchased individually through the website, you’ll receive 60% of the sale profits. You will also receive additional profits of 40% each time someone uses your icons through a service like Pro subscriptions and our API.

Once you earn at least $10, we will deposit your profits to the PayPal account you include in your Account Settings. Deposits are made within 10 days after each month your balance accumulates to at least $10. Your balance will continue to accumulate until it is paid out. You will receive an email notification as soon as you have funds available. 


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